About AWL

We Help Pets AND People!

Working with an overflowing population of animals in a structure that needs constant attention, maintenance, and increased staff time, it is amazing what this staff has been able to accomplish in the last eight years. They struggle continuously to maintain a clean, healthy, almost odor free, facility in incredibly difficult situations.

Just think what this group of hard-working staff and wonderful volunteers could accomplish if they could move into the much more efficient, new, and well-designed structure! Following are where we (amazingly) are today: But read it and realize where we could (even more amazingly) be tomorrow with your help!

Since 2007 we have INCREASED adoptions by 22%...that is phenomenal in this economy, and when compared to other shelters in the state and nationally, we are above average in that rate.

Our return rate is almost miniscule when compared to those other shelters too. That means more people are getting healthier and better matched pets and are not returning them to us. This has long been one of our goals and it is working!

You will be impressed when you learn that since 2007 we have DECREASED our euthanization rate almost 35%. This is possible because of our herculean efforts to find good homes for our pets, our efforts to CURE more of what sometimes ails them, and our refusal to put animals down because we have no space. It also means we are running a cleaner and healthier shelter. This also sometimes takes tremendous effort and help from our community, but everyone stepping up to the plate has made this incredible improvement. Thank you!

We have a new mission statement. With our strategic planning and professional board you will find us moving forward into the future with some great goals. The crux of the new mission statement is thus:

As a premier "companion animal" resource center we are here to bridge the gap between abandoned pets and loving families and individuals.

You will also hear me and my staff talk about our slogan "We Help Pets AND People." We have a commitment to be a major force for good in our community and in so doing, we bring in those who are handicapped, we visit nursing homes, we offer to house pets for abused women, we work with YMCA and actually have a camp here on our premises each year, we bring in brownies, girl scouts and boy scouts. Lakeland Christian Academy comes here once or twice a month, Peabody arrives here regularly, and the list goes on. We literally help or assist or welcome help from hundreds of organizations in the area.