Adoption Process

Learn more about the adoption process.

The procedure for adopting one of our animals is as follows:

Please come in and let us help you select the pet most appropriate for you and your family.

Once your new pet is selected, we ask you to sign an adoption contract that spells out our obligations to you and your obligations to us and your new pet. Once your contract is read and signed by you, you will receive an adoption package that contains many gifts for you and your new animal.

We try to make the adoption process simple and enjoyable for you and your new pet. Please come in for a visit and give us a try!


  • $160 for puppies under 9 months
  • $130 for dogs
  • $105 for dogs over 6 years
  • $100 for seniors adopting a dog over 6 years
  • $90 for kittens under 9 months
  • $70 for cats
  • $60 for cats over 6 years
  • $55 for seniors adopting a cat over 6 years
  • Some pets are considered "Legacy" pets. Legacy pets are pets that we believe deserve a special price because they are a special animal. The fee for these pets will be slightly higher than normal.

Fees include: spay/neuter, free 1st vet visit to vet listed, free microchip (except on felines), information packet, coupons and much more.

We offer military discounts with military ID card of $10 per pet.

We offer senior citizen discounts of $5 on dogs and cats under 6 years old.

NOTE: Discounts can NOT be combined.

We include:

  • Free microchip (value $50) except for cats
  • Free First Vet Visit (large list of vets from which to choose)
  • Spay/ Neuter (value from $50-$200)
  • All puppy shots
  • Rabies shot
  • Heartworm test given on dogs older than 6 months
  • FIV/FeLV test given for cats over 6 months
  • Health check done
  • Behavior test done (by case)
  • Free starter package including coupons and many values
  • Instructional information