Capital Campaign

Help us improve our facilities!

Capital Campaign

You have heard that the Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County has been raising funds and planning for the construction of a new, state-of-the-art animal care facility. It was recognized at the start of this ambitious endeavor in 2014 that the current AWL facility was rapidly deteriorating and would shortly become unusable. We have worked diligently and have made significant progress over the last four years to make a new, modern animal shelter a reality for both the animals in need and the community we serve. A local general contractor has been selected, and a design has been finalized.

Check out our video about the new shelter:

We are now in the final stages of bringing this new, planned facility into reality. We have accomplished a great deal, but we need your financial support to finish this much needed community project. By making a donation to our Capital Campaign, you will be contributing to the care and well-being of Kosciusko County's homeless animals for many years to come. Large or small, your donation will help them all! ANY AMOUNT IS WELCOME. Simply click on the donate button below or pick an item from the list below to sponsor a particular item. Please note this in your donation.

Simply click on the donate button above to donate any amount. You can also choose to feature your name or the name of a beloved pet or person on any of the following items/areas. Be sure to note this in your donation when you click the button if you want to specify an item.

Available sponsorship opportunities:

  • Healing and Care Labratory and Exam Room: $50,000
  • Incoming Lobby/Animal Intake: $25,000
  • Outgoing Lobby/Adoption Area: $25,000
  • Dog Adoption: $20,000
  • Cat Adoption: 20,000
  • Dog Meet & Greet Room: $7,000
  • Cat Meet & Greet Room: $7,000
  • Year-round Walking Track: $15,000
  • Overnight abandon/ intake system: $15,000
  • Volunteer/Multi-Purpose Room: $ 10,000
  • Quarantine Area: $10,000
  • Staff Breakroom: $5,000
  • Main Parking Lot: $5,000
  • One Large Dog Kennel: $1,500
  • One Small Dog Kennel: $1,000
  • One Cat Cage: $750
  • Outdoor Benches: $750
  • Pavers - Small & Large: $50-100

Fulfilled sponsorship opportunities:

  • Free Roaming Cat Room: $20,000
  • Bath and Gromming Area: $10,000