Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the lost and found policies?

Several things to know about lost and stolen pets.

  1. There are scam artists out there who may lie to you about having found your pet and try to collect a ransom from you. Do not pay it! Make them bring the pet to you first.
  2. Or, If someone demands a ransom, contact the police or sheriff and follow their instructions so they can apprehend the crook.
  3. NEVER put all information about your lost pet out on fliers, or the internet, or on any public posting. (You SHOULD give all info to the AWL shelter only so they can help you retrieve your pet with the best chance of success on our computerized system.) Reason? People will take your complete information and bring it to us or someone else and try to "prove" it is their pet so they can obtain a low-cost or free pet, then try to sell it or keep it for themselves. If they don't know our secret missing piece or pieces of information or have a vet record etc. that you have shared with us...we will know they are not the owner and we will not release your pet.
  4. Fill out our "Lost" or "Found" pet information sheet so we can help you.
  5. Do check with us frequently and keep us updated on anything about your pet, especially if he or she suddenly turns up at home again.
  6. Have your pet microchipped BEFORE he/she gets lost! We provide this service at a nominal fee. Many local vets also provide microchip service for a fee. Once the microchip is in place, we have a "Universal" scanner that lets us read every possible kind of microchip so we can contact you if we have your pet at the shelter.
  7. Once a stray is dropped off at our shelter, we wait three to five business days and then, if the owner has not claimed their pet, we begin the process of needed vaccinations, health checks, necessary grooming, worming, tests for disease, and all the things we do before a pet is deemed adoptable. We will still allow the owner to reclaim during this period with proof of ownership and reimbursement for the costs of the expenses incurred for the pet's benefit.
  8. Once the pet is deemed "adoptable" and no owner has come to claim the pet, we work very hard to find the pet a new, loving home.


What are some services offered at AWL?

The Animal Welfare League offers microchip insertion for $30.

Nail clippings are also offered for $10.

Animals that are to be adopted receive the appropriate vaccines and prevention medications before adoption, but these vaccines and meds cannot be offered to pets brought in for service, they must be taken to a vet.



What are some fees at AWL?

Adopting a puppy younger than 9 months: $160

Adopting a dog older than 9 months: $130

Adopting a dog older than 6 years: $105

A Senior adopting a dog older than 6 years: $100

Adopting a kitten younger than 9 months: $90

Adopting a cat older than 9 months: $70

Adopting a cat older than 6 years: $60

A Senior adopting a Cat older than 6 years: $55

Microchip: $30

Nail Clipping: $10


How do I call the Animal Control Police Officer?

There are two ways to reach an officer. If you live in Warsaw city limits please call 372-9511 If you live in Nappanee or anywhere in Kosciusko County please call 267-5667