Ongoing NEEDS... You can help!

Published: August 8, 2012


1. Bring us your tired old aluminum cans. We have a big bin outside that means cash to our shelter when we have it emptied.

2. Bring us your newspapers! We have an additional bin outside that means cash to our shelter when it is full of newspapers.

3. We need some people who like to sew!---and/or embroidery. We need "ADOPT ME" wrappers to tie around our pets when we are at special events. We have a pattern...just need some folks with excess fabric and a desire to help us!

4. We have pet-odor reducing candles for sale that greatly reduce pet odors in your home. Our customers love the candles and they really work! They're in our main lobby.

5. AND we need more customers who will buy the bags to use. They are great for the beach, grocery store, back to school for the kids, etc.

6. If you are a member and have not paid your dues, please consider paying your Dues PLUS. This guarantees your continuing to receive our newsletter and information about what's happening at the shelter and it gives us a little "cushion" to help with this financially hard times.

7. FOSTER HOMES! We are in great need of foster homes for short term (1-2 weeks) and long term (8-10 weeks). Please call or stop if you can help!!

8. We can always use donations of material items such as the following:

Toilet Paper Towels
Toilet Paper Towels
Liquid Laundry Detergent Bleach
Liquid dish soap Copy paper
Printer ink(call for type) Mops, brooms, pails, etc.
Neutra-air refills AA batteries
Paper towels Pumpkin pie filling

We can always use straight cash donations.

Some other big things we could use right now are listed on this web site under "Wish List"