Senior Discount Program

Published: November 1, 2012

Senior Citizens can find that by adopting a mature pet, they will not only have a reliable loving friend, but that their own health and welfare is enhanced. Senior pets are generally calmer, more even-tempered, require less vigorous exercise and at the same time can provide unconditional love, companionship, and a reason to get out and walk (even if it's just a short one). Studies have shown that the simple act of petting a dog or cat can reduce blood pressure and stress levels while improving mental health. The company of a beloved pet has been proven to reduce depression in the elderly, often delaying the onset of confusion and reducing the length of the average hospital stay.
There are many benefits for seniors.

Visit our shelter and find your new best friend!

Program Benefits

The "Seniors for Seniors" program offers the following benefits to the adopter:

If you become unable to take care of your pet, you or a family member may return the pet. It will then, if possible, be placed into another home.

Donations allow us to reduce the adoption fee for animals in this program. Each pet will be neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas/parasites and provided with 30 days free pet insurance and a bag of food. Dogs will be micro-chipped.

If you are a good candidate for one of our pets but don't drive, a volunteer can come to your home with information on available pets and a pet can be delivered to your home.

The AWL may also be able to assist with temporary pet care if the owner is ill or incapacitated.

Program Details

All animals ages 5 or over may be listed as candidates for our Senior-to Senior-Program. Any animal at 4 years old will be evaluated on an individual basis. Our Senior-to-Senior Program is simple:

1. If you are a senior citizen, aged 60 or over, you qualify for the program. (Proof of age, i.e. Driver's license or some other photo id would be required.) There would be a separate application form. Participation is voluntary, we just want to give our senior citizens and senior animals a chance for adoption.

2. If the animal is 5 or over years old, it qualifies for the program. Any animal at 4 years old will be evaluated on an individual basis.

3. The program is simple. If you and the animal you wish to adopt, meet the requirements of steps 1 and 2, you may choose to participate in the reduced adoption fee program.

4. Adoption fees for cats in this program will be $35 and adoption fees for dogs in this program will be $75. An evaluation will be done with local veterinarians to see if the animal should be spayed or neutered, if not already done so. If the animal can be safely altered, it will be done.