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Date Details: Feb 16 — 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Chris Cage from Willie 103.5 wants OUT. YOU can keep him IN. If you come by the shelter on Feb 16 between NOON and 6:00pm you can vote to keep him IN or let him OUT. You can vote with donations. $1 per vote. Every 15 min the votes will be tallied. If there is more in the IN bucket He will stay in for the next 15 min, and if there is more in the OUT bucket he will be let out for 15 min. If you donate $25 you will receive a free AWL Calendar featuring Willie 103.5 personalities. If you donate $250 you will receive the calendar, and a free AWL Cookbook. If you give $1000 you will get the calendar, the Cookbook and, you will get to "adopt" Chris. You will also be able to join Darla on Willie 103.5 for the Pet of the Week program. You can donate at the shelter or over the phone by calling (574)372-2442.