Sheltering is a Community Issue

We keep pets for as long as it takes!

The Animal Welfare League is a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit – EIN #35-1782336

We serve all of Kosciusko County

All animals are welcomed into our care providing we have room. We never euthanize for space. We do everything possible to find them forever homes.

Working with an overflowing population of pets requires constant attention, health care and love. Our passionate staff works hard to maintain a clean, healthy facility, and to provide love while they are in our care. Every pet that we take in gets a complete wellness check. We provide microchips, vaccines, spay/neuter, and any needed health care.

We feel that pets are a wellness program for all people, especially for our older population in the county who participate in our “Life Style Pets for Seniors” by adopting our pets that we see would do best with seniors or people with disabilities! Pets can keep the elderly active just by walking them, taking them out to potty, feeding them and playing with them. Pets are family and provide Unconditional Love and Companionship for everyone!


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