Come back soon to see the new architectural renderings of our future sanctuary for animals! With Fall approaching, we are now in the midst of final and major revisions before construction begins. Of course, due to the land purchase we also need your help in raising more funds to complete this beautiful new project. With the new design we have considered so many things that are important such as, a healthy environment, a separation area of animals that need our medical attention or have other issues we need to help with, a way for the animals and people who are here to get good exercise in all kinds of weather, the ability for dogs and cats to interact because cats are social animals and most dogs are pack animals and like to be with their buddies, an efficient lab with new fixtures and good storage and the proper equipment to handle multiple animals, a comfortable and welcoming environment for our clients, a safe have for our pets, a way to accept animals after hours, and the list goes on. Our director has a huge list that must be considered and so many ideas that must be considered.

It is also important to consider budget and the level of help that is or will be available to support the new facility. Things like proper plumbing and flushing systems for hygiene, even little details like having enough space for those 15 loads of laundry we do each day on behalf of our pets. Our architectural firm at Design Collaborative is working with us to make the most efficient floor plans that fit our budget. This includes our goal of comfort and health for our pets plus sufficient areas for public interaction to enjoy and adopt pets, a free-roaming cat room, a wonderful education/training room is planned as well as many more details too numerous to mention today. We will keep you posted as we make changes and improvements.

We have met one matching fund goal. We are now going to our Phase II of fund raising. Please consider giving us your assistance to help benefit the children, pets, senior citizens and all those in our community that will feel the impact of this beautiful new facility. Right on this website you can set up an automatic donation which is a wonderful way to give us your continued support in a painless and easy way each month. Thank you for considering this!

Please feel free to drop out and we will talk with you about our new facility! Thank you!

Executive Director, Darla McCammon.

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