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A Christmas Miracle

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Stories from pet owners who adopted from AWL.

"I don't want anything else for Christmas except for my dog Nikki to come home!"

It was just before Christmas this past winter. The sky was already dark outside when the bedraggled piece of skin and bones was brought to our shelter. The little black and white Boston Terrier was continuously shaking and trembling. She was cold, wet and very very hungry. Her coat literally hung on the small frail frame of her almost lifeless body. We immediately began lifesaving procedures. We wrapped her in warm towels and held her while we fed her small amounts of food. She started weakly responding to our efforts. Next we scanned her to see if a microchip would be in place. We were surprised to not only find who her owner was, but also that she had been reported to us as lost over 4 months ago! She had been missing all this time.

Her little face was lacerated with scratches, her bony ribs protruded through her thin skin, and she was a very frightened and sick little dog. There would have been no recognition of her by using only the photograph we’d been given when she was originally lost. Had it not been for the microchip we would never have found the owner. But we did find the owner, Alena and were so relieved when she answered our call. We talked with Alena, and told her to be prepared at the poor condition of the dog. We stayed until 8:30 that night until Elena could get off work to come and get her dog. We scheduled an immediate appointment for a vet the next morning and told Elena how to care for the dog overnight.

Nikki, under the care of Alena’s vet, recovered quickly and unbelievably well. But, like Paul Harvey says, “now for the rest of the story” The best part of this pet “tale” is about Elena’s small son, Keith.

It happened that shortly before Nikki was found, Keith had been able to have a conversation with Santa Claus. “What do you want for Christmas?” Santa asked Keith.

The youngster bravely told Santa, “I don’t want anything else for Christmas except for my dog Nikki to come home!”

Sometimes small miracles do happen, even today in this cynical world, and little boys with the help of your Animal Welfare League, get their Christmas wishes.


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