Adoption Process

Learn more about the adoption process.

Many clients like our "Furry Foster Program." Here's how it works:

Upon approval, we often allow a short in-home one or two-night foster visit to determine if the pet and your family are well-suited. This eliminates returned adoptions and requires a credit card that is NOT charged unless the potential owner defaults in returning our pet.

Once it has been established that this is a great furever home for you and the pet, you will be asked to sign the adoption contract that spells out our obligations to you and your obligations to us, and your new pet. Once your contract is read and signed by you, you will receive a wonderful adoption package created by many volunteers that contains many gifts and educational materials along with medical record information for your vet and information on obtaining that first free vet visit.

We work hard to make the adoption process simple and enjoyable for you and your new pet.

ADOPTION DISCOUNTS AND FEES: (discounts may not be combined)

Seniors over 55 years of age receive a $10 discount per pet
Members of the military receive a $10 discount per pet with military ID card
Citizens with disabilities receive a $10 discount per pet with disability card

  • $160 for puppies under 9 months of age
  • $130 for dogs over 9 months of age (except senior dogs - see below)
  • $105 for dogs over 6 years of age
  • $90 for kittens under 9 months of age
  • $70 for cats over 9 months of age (except senior cats - see below)
  • $60 for cats over 6 years of age

** Some pets are considered "Legacy" pets. Legacy pets are pets that we believe deserve a special price because they are a special animal. For example, this may often be a full-blooded breed with no pedigree paperwork. The fee for these very special pets will be slightly higher than normal, but usually will still remain drastically lower than that of a professional breeder.

All of our wonderful pets available for adoption include the following:

  1. Microchip on dogs to help you find him/her if they stray away.
  2. Free first Vet visit (list of over twenty vets from which to choose)
  3. Spay/Neuter already completed and safe recovery insured. (up to $200 at some vets)
  4. All vaccines and shots required for the current age of the pet.
  5. Rabies vaccine
  6. Heartworm test on all dogs over 6 months of age
  7. FIV/FELV test for all cats over 6 months of age
  8. Health check provided upon entry and exit
  9. Behavior analysis provided by knowledgeable staff
  10. Free starter package that includes gifts, valuable coupons, and more
  11. Valuable instructional materials and booklets included
  12. Medical records with all details and vaccines provided to take to your vet.