Phase ONE has begun!

Published: May 10, 2017

Phase ONE has begun!

Phase ONE construction at the Animal Welfare League has now begun with the creation of the silo/shell that will be utilized as a free roaming cat room in the future. The Landmark iconic structure will be a beacon to welcome visitors to the Kosciusko area as well as attracting the community along with pet lovers to the facility.

Located on the S 325 E at the intersection of U.S. 30, on the border between Pierceton and Warsaw, the new facility will feature many benefits and improvements to citizens and pets. A priority, as usual will be to help homeless pets, utilizing a new state of the art laboratory and health care section. Also gaining new benefits from this facility will be the schools, churches, scout troops, nursing home residents, day care children, and others who will be able to utilize more of the planned programs and walking trails (indoor and out) that will be available upon completion of Phase THREE.

"Having a very high adoption rate compared to other shelters of our size, nationwide is a number that we are going to be even more proud of as it increases when the new facility is complete. Offering healthy pets for adoption and finding them a new "Furever" home is always a priority with us. This new building will give more pets a chance at a new life." Said, Darla McCammon, Executive Director of AWL.

Woody Zimmerman, board member, added, "I am so proud to be a part of this endeavor and see the beginning of all our work and fund-raising start to have an impact; however, we still need financial support from the community. Now is a great time to donate because we have a terrific donor who has given us a large matching grant. Your dollars will double in value, so please help us get across the finish line so we can get on with Phase TWO."

Two supporters of these First Phase efforts were Chore-Time Brock and Hochsettler Grains. In a quote from Brock, they shared their pride in this achievement by saying, "Brock is proud to support the Kosciusko County Animal Welfare League in their endeavors to provide safe and healthy homes for pets and to help them find loving owners. It is our desire that with the addition of the Brock Grain bin to the Animal Welfare League's new site, greater awareness will be raised for pets in need."

Donations to continue this work are accepted at the AWL office at 3489 E. 100 South, Pierceton, via mail at P.O. Box 1906, Warsaw, IN 46581, or online at Contact Executive Director, Darla McCammon with any questions at 574-267-3008.