All pets have initial vaccines, are spay/neutered, and are microchipped.


  • Kittens (up to 9 months) $105.00
  • Adults (10 months to 5 years) $95.00
  • Seniors (6 years and older) $65.00


  • Puppies (up to 9 months) $180.00
  • Adults (10 months to 5 years) $150.00
  • Seniors (6 years and older) $75.00

Senior Block

Senior Block is dedicated to those that may live a lifestyle that requires a calm, collected dog. For example, someone who is disabled, looking for a potential service dog, senior citizens, etc. Our staff has hand-picked these dogs based on their demeanors, socialization, and ability to adapt. We want all members of our community to be able to pick the right pet for them, and we believe this is a positive step towards that goal.

Long Term Animals (in our care For 5 months or longer) $75.00

Long term animals are ones that have been in our care for 5 months or longer. We offer a reduced adoption fee for these pets in hopes that they will get their chance at a forever home. With such a large number of animals in our care, there are many to choose from, but this unfortunately means some get overlooked. When this happens, those pets become a part of the long-term list and are highlighted in our front office so everyone can see what amazing pets they really are!


All Nursery Nanny animals have a security deposit of $150.00 on top of their adoption fee to ensure they return to attend appointments for vaccines, surgery dates, medical exams, etc. The security deposit will be refunded as long as all the appointments were attended within the time frame, and the pet is to be fully adopted. It is very important that all of our pets receive the correct vaccines and medical attention they require while in our care.

Nursery Nanny

Nursery Nanny is a program we have created to allow our young pets to find their forever homes, even if they are still in need of spay/neuter, microchipping, preventatives, etc. We believe that all of our pets deserve a chance and that is where the idea was born. When pets are in our care, they receive their initial vaccines for the year including their rabies, are spay/neutered, microchipped and receive flea/tick and heartworm preventative. For young kittens or puppies, this could mean months in our shelter until they have completed all of the medical requirements. We would prefer for them to be raised in a home, opposed to our shelter, while they wait for their set medical appointments. When you take a pet in our nursery Nanny program, you are agreeing to foster them until they are ready for a full adoption and are taking on the responsibility for bringing the pet back and forth for scheduled visits for the above stated medical requirements.