What The Animals Receive Medically

All of our pets here at AWL receive their initial vaccines for the year, a microchip, flea/tick preventive, heartworm preventive (dogs only), they are spay/neutered, dewormed, and have an overall health check when placed in our care. If an animal is injured upon arrival, we will have the injury assessed, and provide the needed medical attention. All pets receive their rabies vaccine at the time of the spay/neuter surgery.

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Vaccines for Nursery Nanny

Vaccines for our growing puppies and kittens are a bit more complicated than those for our adults. Puppies and kittens will receive a routine vaccine every 2 weeks until they are 18-20 weeks in age. This may require several rounds of vaccines for them depending on their age coming into our care. It is extremely important to keep the vaccines on a schedule, so they do not have to restart the process. There are lots of factors that go into why the timing of the vaccinations is so important, and if you have further questions on the matter, feel free to ask our lab technicians.

Vaccines for Adults

All adult pets in our care receive 2 vaccines. They receive an initial vaccine along with a booster 2 weeks after the initial vaccine was given. Some veterinarians may recommend more than one booster, depending on the pet, so it is important to utilize our free wellness check when adopting. You and your veterinarian can take the next steps together.