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Hello from Dixie Minniear,               

I stayed with you while I waited for my forever humans to come and get me Pam and Joe a/ka Mom and Dad.

My forever home keeps me very busy. I am on constant guard keeping the neighborhood safe, especially from those pesky birds. I exercise my humans by playing frisbee a couple times a day and I walk my humans around the neighborhood. I have a training collar and my humans are coming along nicely in their training. I sleep with my humans because I think are scared without me.

I better go I think there may be a squirrel trying to get into one of my trees.
Thank you for keeping me safe while I waited for my forever home and humans.



Jenny’s story

Jenny came into our shelter in a heartbreaking way. In her short 2 months of life, she had already experienced the world of neglect. Starved to the bone, we weren’t sure if she would pull through. Fast forward 3 months, and we are now looking at a happy, healthy puppy who is leaving our shelter with a family that loves to spoil her rotten! 

“Jenny is such a wonderful part of our family. She came here not knowing a lot but had lots of love to offer.” Says Jenny’s Nana. “She is just the love of our life.” Jenny now spends her days playing frisbee and playing with her “little big brother” Leo. She enjoys the little things in life like car rides, Christmas, and going on outings! Her family is looking forward to summertime so they can take her hiking through Mountain trails!



Loki’s story

Loki was born in one of our foster homes after his mother was found as a pregnant stray. With 7 other siblings to play with, he didn’t think life could get much better than this! He was quickly adopted at 3 months old and learned that there was so much more to life other than playtime!

“We got him to help my youngest overcome the loss of our previous dog. She had never been without a dog and when we brought Loki home, it’s like he knew where he needed to be. He ran to her and laid with her on the floor.” Says his mom. “He’s always been a sensitive dog and knows when something is wrong.” Loki now enjoys holding down the couch, showing off all his tricks, running on the treadmill, and helping foster dogs feel at home while temporarily with the family. He also loves hanging out with his best friend Titan.




Titan’s story

Titan came into our care after being found as a stray at 2 months old. There were no owners that came forward, so he moved onto our adoption process. Luckily, there was just the family for him!

“Titan was basically a dog for our dog. Loki just didn’t seem fulfilled. He loves foster puppies so much, but they always leave. That’s how we ended up with Titan.” Says Titan’s mom. “We brought him home and it was game over. Instant bond between the two.” Titan now enjoys being a “nanny” dog. He has taken on babysitting baby goats, kittens, and assists in helping foster pups! He also loves the company of his 3-year-old partner in crime, and annoying his big brother Loki!