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Sir Owen S.I.

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Stories from pet owners who adopted from AWL.

"My people were quick to realize that I was 'Simply Irresistible' and they added that to my name"

Sir Owen S.I.

Two years ago, I left my alma mater, AWL. My people were very impressed with my excellent training that I received at AWL; crate trained, house broken, and leash trained. My people were quick to realize that I was something very special, hence my regal name, Sir Owen. Even though I am royalty, I do my share of work around my estate to show my appreciation to my people. I love to hunt squirrels and chipmunks and occasionally a rabbit. I am very strong and brave and I know that is why the raccoons and possums no longer linger on my property. (Do not tell anyone but there is a very large tomcat that lurks nearby and is quite intimidating to me). I also alert my people to approaching vehicles and boats. The neighbors really appreciate my security efforts.

You must be wondering what S.I. stands for. My people were quick to realize that I was ‘Simply irresistible’ and they added that to my name. Family, friends, and my doctor love me; they all find me irresistible, as would you too, if you met me.

I cannot express enough my deep gratitude for all of the training and love that everyone at AWL gave me while I was there. I urge all citizens of Northern Indiana to stop in and meet the fabulous residents of AWL and I know you will find your very special friend like my people did. If you are not in the position to adopt one of my fellow alumni, please send a donation so that the loveable pets that are still waiting for their special people will continue to receive the fine training and love that I got.

Thank you for giving us Sir Owen S.I.


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