Stray Pets

Stray Pets


We reunite hundreds of pets with their owners each year! You can bring lost pets to us and we will do everything we can to find the owner. We have a computerized database that allows us the ability to find the owner for stray pets. You can always bring a stray pet to us so we can scan it for a microchip to identify the owner. ALWAYS contact the Animal Welfare League FIRST so we can offer you our free assistance!

Stray Pets

Pets that have been brought to the Animal Welfare League as strays are posted here. If you have lost a pet and you believe a description below could be your pet please call us at (574) 267-3008.

To reclaim a pet you must provide proof that the pet is yours such as a picture, vet records, etc...


Date Found Estimated Breed Primary Colors Age Group
8/17/2019 Shepherd Brindle & Black Adult
8/16/2019 Miniature Pincher Black & Tan Adult
8/15/2019 Staffordshire White Adult
8/14/2019 Staffordshire/Boxer Brown & White Adult
8/14/2019 Staffordshire/Rottweiler Black & Tan Adult
8/13/2019 Husky/Shepherd Black, Grey & White Adult
8/13/2019 Dachshund Black & Tan Adult
8/12/2019 Chihuahua Black & White Adult


Date Found Estimated Breed Primary Colors Age Group
8/17/2019 Domestic Short Hair Patched Tabby Adult
8/16/2019 Domestic Short/Medium Hair Black & White Kitten
8/16/2019 Doomestic Medium Hair Grey & White Kitten
8/15/2019 Domestic Short Hair Black & White Kitten
8/13/2019 Domestic Short Hair Orange & Black Adult
8/9/2019 Domestic Short Hair Grey, Brown & Black Adult
8/9/2019 Domestic Short Hair Grey & White Adult