Honor a friend or family member.

Would you like to honor someone by giving them a memorial at the Animal Welfare League? You can give living or deceased memorials. Contact us today for more information.

Living Memorials

This section of our web site is designed in order to honor someone living. Your donation can be in any amount over $10. Thank you for supporting our shelter with your memorial donation for birthday, anniversary, special occasion!


Kelly Hale (10/13/17)

Deceased Memorials

Below is our "memorial" page in honor of those great champions who supported the AWL and are now very sadly missed by all.

In Loving Memory Of

Deb Robbins (7/20/17)

Frank Prikosovich (1/26/17)

Sherri Noah (1/23/17)

Lura Jane Schildroth (3/16/17)

Bob Lochridge (2/6/17)

Paul Weirick (2/5/17)

Don Lockridge (2/8/17)

Frank Prikosovich (3/9/17)

Theola W Yackley (3/9/17)

Elizia Kipker (3/9/17)

Lura Jane Schildroth (3/16/17)

Jackie Shafer (3/18/17)

Joseph Cook (4/5/17)

Dr. Richard Sasso (4/5/17)

Lura Schildroth (4/5/17)

Joseph Halden Cook (3/12/17)

Erica Collins (4/26/17)

Max Cripe (5/5/17)

Robert Webster (4/29/17)

Deb Robbins (8/6/17)

Charles Laster (8/11/17)

George Plew (9/30/17)

Betty McIntyre (9/8/17)

Nancy Leverenz (9/8/17)

Karen Call (9/14/17)

Douglas Shidler (9/30/17)

Dr Wesley Jay Zehr (9/30/17)

Carl Jarrett (9/30/17)

Mary Lou Hudson Goans (9/30/17)

Doris Berlin (9/29/17)

Donald Charles Vock (9/13/17)

Phyllip Wayne Davis (10/15/17)

Mary E. Marsillett (11/21/17)

Darrell Brookins (10/31/17)

Janet Morgan (11/30/17)

Helen Brown (11/30/17)

Mary Marsillett (11/30/17)

Betty Lou Gebert (12/11/17)

Barb Smith (12/23/17)

Mary Lou Price (12/2/17)

In Loving Memory Of (Pets)

Cymen (3/4/17)

May (3/9/17)

Biscuit Hughes (3/9/17)

Jake Dunn (See Pet Tales) (6/10/17)

Hemmie (9/1/17)

Sir Licks-a-lot (12/9/17)