Lost & Found

At AWL, we don’t just facilitate adoptions. We also work hard to reunite lost pets with their families. We’ve provided a list of descriptions below for all the animals we’ve rescued over the last few months. If you have lost one of these pets, please call us at (574) 267-3008. To reclaim a pet, you must provide proof that the pet is yours, such as a picture, vet records, etc.

Stray Dogs

Date Found Estimated Breed Primary Colors Age Group
1/15/2021 Am Staff/Lab Black, White & Brown Puppy
1/15/2021 Lab/Staffordshire White & Yellow Adult
1/14/2021 Jack Russell/Chihuahua White & Yellow Adult
1/11/2021 Shepherd/Lab Red Adult
1/4/2021 Hound Black & Brown Adult
1/3/2021 American Staffordshire White & Black Adult
1/2/2021 Bull Terrier White & Black Puppy

Stray Cats

Date Estimated Breed Primary Colors Age Group
1/15/2021 Domestic Long Hair Black, Orange White (5) Kittens
1/12/2021 Domestic Short Hair Brown Adult
1/5/2021 Domestic Short Hair Orange & White, Tiger (5) Kittens